Connecting with the Source Meditation, online IFS Training with Frank Anderson, MD and PESI

Connecting with the Source Meditation – Internal Family Systems- by Frank Anderson MD, as presented during Intensive Online Course on Treating Complex Trauma with Internal Family Systems, June 2022

Just focus internally, perform a general scan asking yourself a question about any parts inside you that are active at this moment or any parts inside you that might need your immediate attention. Whatever might be showing up in this moment, just give these parts some space to see what is going to happen, how it’s going to impact you. Be curious about the parts that are showing up.

  • Are they representing a thought, a feeling, a sensation?
  •  Can you validate whatever is showing up- whatever is coming up in the moment?
  • How your part or parts respond to being validated- are your parts receptive to your presence?
  • Do they know they are separate from themselves?
  • Can they see you? Can they feel you?
  • Will they allow some separation between them and you in this moment for the purpose of connection?
  • How old do they think you are?
  • Do they see you at present or do they see you at younger age? Just ask.

If your parts know the younger version of you, see if they are willing to see your “core”, your “higher self”. Let them check out that space in you, see them being in connection with your “core”, with your “essence”. In this moment will parts be willing to let you lead instead of them? Can they trust you in this moment? If so, if your parts are willing to soften a bit and trust you more, see if you can expand from that space within you, that space that is knowing, that is sensing, that is loving, that is calm, just allow this space to expand.

  • What does your body feel like when you expand this core essence, this loving “centre”?
  • Can you notice how this space can expand beyond this body?
  • Can you notice how this space can connect to that that is beyond you?
  • Can connect to that everything that is in here or Earth in nature and in relationships?

See if you can feel the expansive part of yourself, your energy. See if your parts can observe the space within you and trust that this space in you has infinitive capacity, that this space in you is connected to source energy, this space in you has the capacity to heal trauma. We all collectively have it within us, see how we all collectively have it within us, see if you can feel that connection in you, and see if anything is blocking access to it within you and ask it to step back just a little. See if you can receive and send out as much of this energy at this moment and feel the flow of the receiving and the giving… and just mark this resource in you, and when you are ready, when it feels complete, send loving gratitude to all the parts from “that place” of the “source” and when you are ready open your eyes from that space within you, and see how the world looks like from that p art. Does it feel cleaner, calmer, do you have a sense of confidence, peace?

(remember it’s about the client looking inside themselves during the session rather than having a conversation with the therapy provider)

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