Brexit Fears

The last day to register for the “settlement” scheme is June 30, 2021.

Postponing registration is a bad idea especially due to the nature of anxiety (fear) which intensifies as the time goes by. So there is no point in postponing this quick operation, especially if you have a simple situation with documents and you know some basic English. The questions are written in simple English and they are easy to answer.

Detailed information in English from with other EU language options

The application for the Android phone can be downloaded from the Google store

Your smartphone must have the NFC (Near-Field Communication) option activated – just enter this NFC symbol in the phone settings Search window and the phone will find it for you. This will be needed for the phone to be able to read the micro-chip inside the passport. You will need to place the phone on the passport with the bottom of the phone touching the passport pages or its front cover. Sometimes it takes a while to make this work and you have to turn the phone on the passport, put the phone on an open passport, put the phone on a closed passport, etc.

You can also use the smartphone application if it is installed on your friend’s phone. What matters is the data entered into the system of the Home Office, not the phone which is being used for the data to be entered.

You need to have your home address, your e-mail address, your National Insurance number and your Permanent Residency Card number if you have one.

Remember that there will be a stage in the process when the application will ask you to take a “selfie” so dress nicely and find a good place at your house, where there will be a smooth bright wall against which you can sit/stand to take this “selfie”. This “selfie” will not be printed anywhere in documents. This is only for the use of the Home Office.

If you use your passport for the settlement application registration process, you do not need to send anything by post (unless they ask you later to send them anything else).

Please note that if you use your National ID Card, you will need to post it to the Home Office.

Ok, so now when it’s all ready to go, you can open the application on your phone and start answering questions and entering data.

The application will guide you on each step of the process with simple words.

After completing the process, which takes about 15 minutes, you will receive an email from the Home Office confirming that the application has been submitted.

After about a week you will receive another email confirming that you have been registered as a “settled” in the UK.

If you need to send additional documents to the Home Office, they will write to you and you will have to respond to their request. From what I’ve heard, this does not tend to happen with a standard registration without any complicated history of stay / employment / etc.

So put the fears aside and make it happen as soon as possible.

As far as I know there are no fees connected with this process.

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